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We have never been a company that chases the latest trends or bows to industry formulas. We remain an independent publisher committed to crafting internationally sought-after books and superb core-material for readers of all ages. Pick up a Silverline book, and you will recognize the difference. High standards, high content, high reward.

Silverline is a creative publishing agency for game-changers. We love publishing books, we love our authors, we love their work. 

We learned that authors need more. Authors need a strong platform, strategic marketing, top-notch editing, award-winning book design, and a creative team dedicated to helping you succeed beyond the book.

Silverline was created to help you—the author with a big picture and the passion to prove it—change the world



We are never afraid of taking risks with new authors. We recognize the best, we recognize talent and inspiration and we are proud to associate ourselves with them


By helping our authors and backing their dreams we boldly push the outcome of new ideas. We simply support them and give them strength 


Moving swiftly and decisive we never loose time - we just get on the project and we are restless until is completed


We are not afraid of authors not fitting into the traditional patters. After all you can't be innovative following the old trends

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